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"How was the Maze, Minho? The 100. "Hey guys." Our leader Alby greets us as he strolls over by us. reader There was always something different about Edmund Pevensie. 13 . Hottest Male Celebrities. Pairing: Newt x Reader Word Count: 1572 Warnings: Spoilers for The Death Cure movie, if that's even still a thing?? "You'll be alright. The Maze Runner Teen Wolf | Action Adventure Stiles Stilinski Gay Amnesia Stiles had been only 11 when his mother had died in front of him, changing his view on the world. Forum. The dark haired boy who moved to the city a few years ago. Fanfiction More Fanfiction Harry Potter Naruto Supernatural Glee Lord of the rings Trending Topics Love . means your male friend, whatever his name is.

You yanked on Newt's bad ankle, making him land face first into your thigh, "Eliot!" he screeched like a girl. ), Downton Abbey, Agents of SHIELD. The Fever Code. "If I did, believe me boss, I would tell ya." Minho smirks. Minho x Reader Story 13. Later, he becomes close friends with Newt and Alby, sneaking out of their sleeping barracks at night regularly.. After some time, the three of them decide . My name is Hannah, and I do reader inserts and pairings for the following fandoms:-Game Of Thrones-The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings-The Walking Dead-Sherlock-Merlin-Avengers-The 100- Maze Runner- Star Wars - Carmilla - Harry Potter- Brooklyn 99 - Dear Evan Hansen - Hamilton -Images I'm using for my backdrop and profile pic are not mine. Baked Hugs .

. "Don't be rude, Minho," comes a gentle voice.

Being the only girl in a place filled to the brim with teenage boys had its ups and downs About: You are a part of the Avengers Cast and all of your co-stars know that you and Chris are dating fandom: the maze runner pairing: newt x reader word count: 3k words request: / A/N: This is the first imagine i have edited and rewritten properly, and i . The one who approaches is a tall Beta, judging by the scent he gives off. Completed thedeathcure fighting glader +19 more # 9 His Sunshine (Aris) by TPN_manga_supremacy 66.4K 928 32 . Mad Hatter - Void Stiles. Crush x reader. Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt) by 7.7M 219K 43 Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. Imagines / Reader Inserts; Gif Imagines; Moodboards; Headcanons; Preferences; Aesthetics _____ would involve A few things to remember: Read the rules (cannot stress this enough) I can write slight smut (the stuff that leads up to doing the do) but not full on smut. Newt Maze Runner May 30, 2016 2 notes -rules: once you Dating Poe Dameron A/N: My first Star Wars headcannons! The Maze Runner | Reader Will Poulter Thomas Brodie-Sangster Dylan O'Brien Ki Hong Lee Dexter Darden . Warnings: fluff, light cursing. LGBT+ content. imagine #1. character - Newt.

Although she was immune she never understood why he wouldn't experiment on her like he did the oth. MLM! Minho yells a warning to a stunned Thomas before the nurses can sedate him. Fanfic is provided for free, but that doesn't mean it doesn't cost something. The Walking Dead. | One-Punch Man. "I-urr I was just going to give you breakfast and a tour of the Glade" Y/N just looked at Thomas. The two of them love each other, but they can't date because of a rule. Includes: Newt, Minho, Gally, Aris, Teresa, Harriet, and Sonya. Flustered Newt (Maze Runner) Aged-Up Character (s) Slice of Life "You're right," Thomas smirked, just a little breathless as he leaned on the handle of his shovel. Sacrifice - The Maze Runner 1 / 2. description - Newt saves you from overly flirtatious Gladers.

You both kick off your boots and climb into to soft warm sheets in the bed. "Okay, let me take care of her", Will joins the conversation. Riverdale. Tad strange/ male reader; Bill Cipher; Tad Strange; My First Fanfic; in-a-hat i give all my love to and she is the inspiration for this fan fic; Dream Demon; Dr Hoodwinked fred x reader fred weasley x reader fred weasley fred weasley fanfiction amwriting a trip . The Maze Warrior *TMR X Reader* by EllieBellsStoriesX 166K 3.7K 33 Y/N, a skeleton named Benjamin, a knife called Sheila and some Griever slush. Yangyang x reader Warnings: Fluff, Established Relationship Word count: 537. now you have to make sure iris never has her meeting with death. The fandoms I write for will be listed below. Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays) Markiplier. Part 4 of The Maze Runner - Reader inserts; Language: English Words: 1,239 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 8 Kudos: 376 Bookmarks: 13 Hits: . Sam Golbach. "Okay." He whispered softly, showing he was ready. words - 762. warnings - n/a. Shawn Mendes. He gives you cuddles with the symbiote coming out too. yet another blog of maze runner imagines; requests are OPEN ; match-ups are OPEN.

"U-Uhm" My eyes looked anywhere but on the male in front of me. Heath Hussar. Summary: Newt, Frypan, Thomas, and the reader go on a journey to find Minho and are saved by Brenda and Jorge after getting into a rather sticky situation.After that, they find someone they never thought they would see again. Colby Brock. There won't be any NSFW or OCs in these one-shots. Hello, fellow Gladers! The latter tends to happen when fanfic is not the reader's most preferred genre, or reading is not the reader's favorite hobby. The rope was then yanked upward, the boy's stomach dropped in fear. Shawn Mendes. Survive. Zane Hijazi. 1. . Z Nation . Famous People. After all. Find anything?" This is the routine. tags #ouat #ouat imagine #ouat oneshot #robbie kay #robbie kay imagine #robbie kay . Summary: You come home from work to see Eddie on the couch trying to find himself a job. Search: Maze Runner Minho X Reader. Movie Memes. Here I write x reader fan fiction for a lot of fandoms/people! Riverdale.

Complete, car les OS ne se suivent pas, et rating T pour le moment. "I'm not a native . Books Similar to 'The Maze Runner' Books Similar to John Green's; About Us Inkitt is the world's first reader-powered publisher, providing a platform to discover hidden talents and turn them into globally successful authors. The Death Cure- Blue, because of the futuristic buildings and highly advanced technology from Denver. He eventually took one of the plates of food and began eating. 19. And around 1:00am, you both fell asleep in each others arms, smiling and happy.

English - 4087 Reads - 15 pages.

The novel's protagonist, Thomas is a teenaged boy who enters the Glade with no memories other than of his first name. The Third Maze by LukeSkywalker2567 When Kate (short for Katelyn), shows up in a maze filled with boys and girls, she quickly makes some friends as she finds herself falling in with the leader of her group. 13 . teen wolf stiles stilinski teen wolf teen wolf fanfiction stiles stilinski fanfiction stiles stilinski imagine stiles stilinski stiles imagine teen . In this book you will find: character x character, character x reader, angst and gore (not every one-shot will have these themes), fluff, comedy, reader inserts, AUs, and crossovers. Just In. A/N: Ahhhhh I haven't made a new imagine in forever. "Still freezing", is your reply. Here is a list: Harry Potter. Completed scorchtrials therightarm aris +7 more # 15 I'm Not Little (T.S.T) + (T.D.C) by 244K 6.2K 33 Ask me anything I'm nice I . The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1), James Dashner. See more ideas about maze runner, maze, newt maze runner. tmr tmr fanfic tmr fandom tmr fluff tmr newt the maze runner newt x . Scotty Sire. When he was 12 he was taken by the evil that his mother had screamed was the reason she was dying. Likes: 279. a life worth living: all you've ever wanted was for barry to feel true happiness, and the only person that brings him that happiness is iris west. . Video Edit. The Maze Runner [Minho x reader] ~Book one~ Read Free Books. a bunch of boys filed around Minho as he pointed and laughed at you two. Since I think there was. .

Discovering some hidden secrets, Kate must use her skills to fight for survival, not just herself, but for the survival of her friends. The olive-skinned boy feels his skin prickle and he averts his gaze, momentarily. Bad Moon Rising - Void Stiles. "Do you feel better now?", Thomas asks you smiling, while he wraps the blanket tighter around you. Edmund Pevensie x Male! How the Maze . The rest of the night you two cuddle and tell each other stupid jokes. Action Fanfiction Romance Maze Runner Newt X Reader Newt X Reader Maze Runner Scorch Trials . Anonymous said: Hey can write like percy jackson x male reader x Jason grace . Here is a list: Harry Potter. I saw a post on here recently (linked here) that talked about how fanfic is provided at no cost to the reader, but that doesn't mean it's "free" for the writer. The Maze Runner [ OC ] read it on the AO3 at by NewtonSangster An original vision of The Maze Runner , with a new character, a new relationship, a new plot I won't say more, otherwise I'll spoil the story ^^ Inspired about a dream I made Newtmas planned :) Words: 2067, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English. Hannah was the second one in the maze, so she's seen it all. By a Dream. The Maze Runner Series Maze Runner Preferences! What is Maze Runner Minho X Reader. I am happy to write girl x girl and boy x boy imagines so don't be shy to ask. Believer - Void Stiles. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't th. (Y/N) closes the door behind her as she dumps her backpack, her shoes and slips off her pants as she walks to the shared room to put on a pair of shorts . Originally posted by newter-pan. Although Thomas comes to the Glade scared and confused, he shows himself to be brave, resourceful, and strong-willed when he saves the lives of the Gladers Alby and Minho.

When she met Newt, she felt like they already had a connection. The series consists of The Maze Runner (2009), The Scorch Trials (2010) and The Death Cure (2011), as well as two prequel novels, The Kill Order (2012) and The Fever Code (2016 . student council president!jungwon x gn!secretary!reader ft. hyuuuuuka & yeri smau Finding A Job - Eddie x Reader x Venom. Originally posted by lostgirl14480. I PROMISE | the maze runner. Alexander stepped forward into the small circled loop, he put his weight into it and then glanced back at the boy he'd just met. 3RD POV. Anonymous said: Can we get a captain syverson x male reader x dean winchester poly ship fic where sy comes home to his boyfriends dead asleep on the couch and wakes them up with kisses and cute shit.. But, I do take various other requests. interview Dean Winchester x male reader Completed wicked maze-runner newt +17 more # 3 The Boat On The Beach by Fairylights4672 96.4K 3.1K 40 I'm So Sorry - Mitch Rapp. Apr 1, 2022 - This Pin was created by 3am_MazeRunner on Pinterest. More. Grey's anatomy. The Maze Runner. If u don't want to thats ok tho Answer: I haven't really explored the idea of doing polyamorous relationships yet! Category: action dealth glade mazerunner minho minhofanfic mystery newt series themazerunner thomas wckd

Z Nation . FanFiction. Celebs. * in which jungwon had meant for that love letter to go to yeri, and not youher bff.

To your surprise he hugs you tightly to warm you up. !I do not take credit for any images that may be included!! Rating: Any. Scotty Sire. crazy for you Forever ( male!reader x Lucius. Never hesitate to send in an ask or an imagine about anything to do with Maze Runner! Thomas also shares a telepathic connection . Lover of Fanfiction REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Also I write smut for fem!reader x male!character and fem!reader x fem!character (really fem!reader x any gender!character) Chat to you guys soon! I squirm at the intense gaze he was giving me, causing him to growl, so I stop. The Maze Runner is a series of young adult dystopian science fiction novels written by American author James Dashner. Zane Hijazi. Teresa. The Maze Runner. I'll also take asks. Newt shamelessly watched his abdominal muscles flex. The 100. Gryffindor 2021-09-05. Cowboy Bebop (Anime) Dr. STONE (Anime) Death Note (Anime & Manga) Hamilton - Miranda. Mayfire. little do you know: barry allen was your first love, and likely your last. Sam Golbach. You couldn't say for sure much about his past, but he was very close to his three siblings. #the maze runner #the maze runner x reader #the maze runner imagine #the maze runner smut #the maze runner headcanon #the maze runner one shot #the maze runner masterlist #the maze runner x Oc 13 notes. -The Maze Runner--Percy Jackson--Skam--Disney--Teenwolf--Stranger Things--IT--Marvel--DC--Riverdale- . in the year 2099, there has been a long-lasting peace thanks to the Power Rangers of the past but n. Power Rangers S.P.D. for some reason though, he finds that with each moment he spends together with you he's closer and closer to forgetting all about that damn letter. Nov 15, 2018 - Explore Kryoz_fanfic's board "maze runner x reader" on Pinterest. Heathens - Void Stiles. Writer, 21, pronouns are she/her, in love with Fezco from Euphoria at the moment, who also happens to deserve the world. . Happy reading! Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n.. Maybe later Supernatural. Imagines of Ouat, Teen Wolf, the 100, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe, the Maze Runner, the Flash, Harry Potter, A:tLA, Disney, The . The Scorch Trials - Yellow, because of the Scorch. And I will do them happily. Nice, way to go y/n". Severus Snape and (M/n. Chocolate. Book of Fire: A debut fantasy perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner (The Book of Fire series, Book 1) Michelle Kenney 4.4 out of 5 stars (44) Crush x reader. Warriors - Pack. Colby Brock. Minho comes and bugs me while I work, then Alby finds him and questions him about his run for the day. Laughing and drinking red wine glass by glass. Minor Ben/Gally (Maze Runner) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting Marriage of Convenience Friends to Lovers but more like - friends to husbands to lovers idiots to lovers Fluff Fluff and Angst Fluff and Humor minho is captain of the newtmas shipping team bi!thomas Domestic Fluff Platonic Cuddling and then not so platonic cuddling